Thursday, December 10, 2015

Getting on the Scale, My Week in Weight

by Kris Pitcher

The morning ritual begins with willing myself to empty my bowels...did I warn you this would be a TMI blog? Not entirely, just as we get started here.

Stumbling out of bed I flip on the light and go to the bathroom to empty my bladder. I slip on my slippers and head to the kitchen. After putting fresh water in the dog's bowl I turn on the light next to his kennel. He's so happy to see me.

I take the dog out and he does his "business". On good days he doesn't need encouragement. On rainy days, snowy days, or REALLY early days...he needs encouragement. "Do your poop." I tell him. And he does. He's a good boy.

Then it's back in the house and he gets his dry nuggets. I put my quarter cup of coffee in the microwave, and I encourage your poop.

I want to be empty before I step on the scale. Success. Then I blow my nose. Just in case? I strip down and march into the dining room - the home of the commercial "Health o Meter" scale. And I step on.

Should I hold my breath or exhale? I move the weights and look for balance, starting where I think it might be. And here's my week in weight:

Tuesday - 130.5
Friday - 132
Monday - 134.5
Wednesday - 132

Now. Most people would FREAK out about those numbers. A four pound fluctuation would send some people into a binge, or doing double cardio or a number of other things. Here's the deal. Our weight on the scale only tells us one thing. It tells us our body weight. That's it.

Between Tuesday and Friday, we had a refeed. Increased glycogen storage, increased water weight (because of the glycogen). Not a big deal, in fact it's the purpose of the refeed. Well done.

Sunday I got my period. By Monday, another 2.5 pounds. Water weight. Big deal. It will go away, along with the feelings of sadness, bloating, anxiety and anger. Kidding, kind of.

By Wednesday, my weight had settled back at 132. Not a bad place. My shape is good, my composition is good (for offseason), and I like the number. I am in fact trying to build.

We get really wrapped up in the number on the scale. It determines what kind of day we'll have, how we'll measure our success, what we'll decide about ourselves. But keep in mind it's measuring EVERYTHING. Water, waste, muscle, fat, bones, organs...all of it. Loss, and gain (hopefully not of your organs).

It's not measuring composition at all. At. All. Did I gain 2.5 pounds of fat. Not even. Was I worried about it? Not even a little bit. Why? Because I got my period and I'd gained water weight. Don't let the number on the scale be the only information you take into consideration as you evaluate where you are each week.

Your week in weight is also going to fluctuate. If you are a slave to the scale, think about weighing less frequently. Not able to make that happen? Put the scale away. Bring it out once a week to weigh yourself.

I hope seeing my week in weight helps you put your own in perspective. And just so you know...I exhale.

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