Monday, December 14, 2015

When to Fire Your Prep Coach

by Kris Pitcher

Your relationship with your prep coach is a sacred one. It's built on trust, communication, being approachable, and above all professionalism. It's often difficult to find just the right coach, and when you do, you may be wait-listed due to their popularity.

At the same time, it's different from other professional relationships. There's a level of "professional intimacy" if that's a thing...which occurs when you share the kind of information with someone the way you do with your coach. Maintaining balance with professionalism can be a challenge. This is what makes great coaches great. Or bad coaches bad. As with any relationship, things don't always go well.

It's easy to know when to "fire" a client. But do you know when to fire your prep coach? Here are some tips to help you know when the time is right to tell your prep coach, "You're FIRED!"

  1.  Your coach takes ALL the peanut butter out of your diet. This is just cruel because you love peanut butter. Now let's not go to extremes here. Peanut butter aside, if your coach eliminates items without explanation and says, "Because I said so." You need to get more information about WHY changes are being made in your plan. When your coach can't explain flag. You're fired.
  2. Your coach spots you by cupping your...glutes. Did a hand just brush my butt? When your coach puts the moves on you by touching you inappropriately, or using their status or power in the relationship to sexualize or demean you...they are a douche. This can happen regardless of gender. You want to make your coach happy, proud of you, and you want to do what they say...some jokers feed on this power and you need to FIRE this coach. It happens. 
  3. Your coach won't let you eat poptarts every day. I have nothing against the kids who eat poptarts. I've always been clear nutrition is full of value laden choices. The big picture issue is if your coach only knows ONE way to prep, they might not know how to apply the science. Whether you want to do a flexible diet, count your macros, eat vegan, or eat only ice cream your coach should know how to apply the science of nutrition to each client individually to meet their needs. When they only know one way, it's probably the way they did it for themselves for that one show they did. FIRE this coach.
  4. You've texted your coach 345 times today and they won't text you back. Your coach sent you a new plan and you have questions. You've texted a million questions and they are not responding. What gives? Well, it's important to have an understanding of how to communicate with your coach. Are they with clients? Do you have a meeting or appointment where you are to ask all those questions? Were all those things addressed in the plan...if you read it? OR are they just not responsive? If poor communication is a pattern, or they think your questions are stupid, or if they tell you to just do it because they say so...all red flags. When you are communicating within the agreed methods and your coach is non-responsive, FIRE this coach. You need open communication.
  5. Your coach dumps drama like you've NEVER seen. "Girl! I'll send you your diet next week, I have to move...AGAIN!" Professionalism above all. This is a professional relationship. You aren't buddies, friends, etc. - you aren't paying them to have them dump their problems on you, or to hear about indiscretions of other clients. You should expect a professional, confidential, relationship. When your coach has personal drama affecting their ability to hold up their end of the arrangement, red flag. Now, life events happen to all of us. And a certain amount of grace is common, but you know who I'm talking about, and this coach should be FIRED.  
There are enough fantastic coaches out there that you should not stay with someone who has no qualifications, doesn't run a legitimate business, doesn't hold certifications or insurance, isn't professional, doesn't deliver, pay attention to you, or treat you like an individual. 

If you don't have a great match with your coach, find someone else. Prep in itself is too much work, you need to make sure you're supported and in the right relationship. Now you know when enough is enough and it's time to say, "You're FIRED!"

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