Monday, January 25, 2016

Finding Inspiration, IG, Facebook? Where Do Competitors Find It?

by Kris Pitcher

A comment on one of my IG posts inviting me to visit someone's profile for inspiration...well, sparked inspiration. Where exactly does inspiration come from? Where do I get it? How have I kept it? Good questions. (No, I did not visit her profile.)

Inspiration is a personal and internal "thing". It doesn't come from somewhere outside. It comes from within. It's deep down, intrinsic, and part of you. Inspiration is part of a system of values. No matter what you are inspired to do, when you find that sweet's internal.

In observing other competitors, those who are driven by other people's success, by the IG goddesses, the social media mavens, or by wanting to be exactly like someone they idolize - don't make it. They fade away. They find they can't and don't stack up.

I'm not suggesting you should not look to mentors, to people of greater success and accomplishment to model your actions after. What I am saying is the motivation, the inspiration, to make those actions happen on a daily, hourly, minute by minute basis comes from inside you.

The obsession to find external inspiration is wasted energy. It's lack of connectedness to your goals and desires. It's wanting something someone else has. You need to want what you have, and work from there. This is where you find true inspiration.

Trust me, no one will want something for you. Not really. Not enough to do what is necessary to make it happen. And if you need external inspiration to get you to do any of what is required to make it as a won't make it.

Dig deep. Determine why you want something for yourself. Regardless of what that thing is, why do you want it. And why is that important to you? There is your inspiration. Renew it often, and again. It's inside you. Find it, and stay connected to it. It's inspiration!

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