Tuesday, March 14, 2017

How To Win At Weight Management

by Kris Pitcher

"If I only had one tenth the discipline you have!"
"I sure admire your commitment."
"How do you stay on track at these meetings?"
"Still bringing all your food, I see."
"Wow! You have will power!"

These are all things I've heard people say over the past few weeks. When I'm in meetings, at conferences, or even in donor visits...people seem to "notice" I'm doing something different. But I haven't always been this way.

There was a time when I carried an extra 45-50 pounds on this 5' 4" frame. And really, more than that because my composition was VERY different. I've been successfully managing my weight for close to 25 years.

What do I have that's different? How am I able to make it "last"? What's my secret? I'll tell you my secret...it's twofold:

  • I have clarity in my values
  • I am deeply connected to my goals
The key to your success is thinking about those things, then aligning your actions with those. That's my secret. My secret is out.

I am the only one accountable to my choices. My coach isn't accountable. He won't be standing on stage with me when I get first call out, or last. My colleagues enjoying themselves at happy hour aren't accountable to my values. The world around me isn't responsible for my outcome. I am.

Accepting that accountability comes with the humility that nothing is owed to me. I don't "deserve" wine and pizza. Or ice cream. There's no situation where I've "earned" it. Having a bad day, stress, loss, sadness, happiness, celebration...any of those things. 

Why? Because those things don't align with my values and goals. If I were to make choices which did not align, I would feel "guilt". Or I might feel bad, or whatever feeling goes along with disappointing yourself. I choose to make different choices.

I choose to make choices in direct alignment with my goals and values. This is how I've not only managed my weight over time, but become a national level physique competitor. 

What choices are you making that leave you disappointed? What if you could stop, breathe, and make a different choice? My advice? Do just that. Stop. Breathe. Assess your situation, your moment. And make a choice that aligns with your goals and your values.

Your goals and values are not mine. They belong to you. Find clarity in your values and goals, and you'll find compliance with your plan. You'll find you are not elbow deep in a bag of chips drinking an entire bottle of wine because you had a stressful week.

I'm good at it because I have practiced it every single day for the past 25 years. Every day. Stop and breathe. Find clarity and get connected. Practice, and you will get better. 

Your goals are waiting for you to win! 

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