Friday, February 5, 2016

How to Finally Succeed at Your Diet

by Kris Pitcher

I can remember standing in line in grade school waiting to take a vision test. Why this happened in a "mass" situation in a portable classroom in public school is beyond me. As I stood there anxiety filled, I tried to figure out how I would cheat on the test. Cheat. On a vision test.

Sounds ridiculous, right? I've always wanted to do everything. The problem is, I'm visually challenged. I didn't want to wear my glasses. I guess I thought there must be another way. I would lean in and try to listen to the letters and numbers being recited by the student in front of me.

There is no other way. I have to wear my glasses in order to have my vision corrected. There is no other way to make your diet work either. You just have to follow it. You can't cheat and look for another way.

Creating success is the key to being able to follow your plan. Controlling your environment is paramount. Planning and having what you need, when you need it, with you, is the only way to make things work. You have to put your glasses on to be able to see.

It's up to you to design your environment. Fill your home with the things on your plan, the foods that will make you successful, and the things that you "can" have. You can't dive nutter butters elbow deep into a tub of peanut butter if those things aren't in the house. Control your environment.

Be prepared. You've heard this before. Planning is key - in everything. Shop, prepare, and pack your food. Always. Going on errands? Pack what you need, and take an extra meal in case things take longer than you expected. Out for the entire day? Get your cooler out and take all 6 of your meals. If you don't have it, you can't eat it and you will fail. This is easy once you get into a rhythm of preparation.

One of the most important keys to success is your mindset. Cheating isn't an option. It's just not. One of the reasons people cheat is they are thinking of, and placing energy, on the things they cannot have. Shift your focus, your energy, and pay attention to what you can have. Energy spent on what you can have and can do propels you forward.

You can't help but succeed when you are controlling your environment, planning and preparing for it, and putting your mental focus on your goals. You can't help but see your success when you finally put your glasses on and realize, there is no other way.