Monday, October 31, 2016

What Makes You So Special?

by Kris Pitcher

I recently read a response on a thread where it seemed EVERYONE had a certain issue. Then it dawned on a group of 5,000 it was not even one percent who had responded, yet it seemed like it was "everyone".

In the early morning hours when sleep escapes me and I'm solving the problems of the world, I wonder - what's my one percent?

One percent of 5,000 is 50. Fifty people. One percent might earn their way into the IFBB to call herself a Pro. 50. Of 5,000 one percent might be IG sensations. One percent might serve in the military, be surgeons, or lawyers.

We join groups where we all appear the "same", but within that we're one percent. Social media makes the world both big, and small. It's a place where everyone is really just 50 people. If that's the case, I'm challenging the question - what's your one percent?

It's easy to be nothing, zero percent. It's easy to appear to be something when you really are just a carefully marketed profile picture of yourself. It's easy to become a filtered, photo shopped version of yourself.

What is your one percent? What makes you rise to the top of the heap? What sets you apart or above? Is it your sport, your career, your family, your spirit...

We'd be happier if we did more of our one percent. If we did more of what makes us special and less marketing of our filtered self to groups of the same, we'd be true to our one percent.

If you've lost sight of, or never figured out, your one percent it's time to find out what makes you so special. In a sea of 5,000 you are one percent!