About Me

Welcome to Fitness Bliss With Kris!
This is a place for mind and body inspiration and motivation where you'll find interesting content on health and fitness. My background is exercise science and nutrition and I have a lifelong passion for wellness. I spent 11 years working full time in the industry, entering as an Exercise Specialist and developing into a leader and Executive Director. It wasn't until my work took a different focus that I have been able to really grow personally in this area. I work full time in development, fundraising, for the American Red Cross. But this is what truly feeds my sole.

I grew up in the Pacific Northwest and was an active, "outdoorsy" kid. I wasn't involved in sports, but was given the opportunity to try lots of things. As a teen I began to put on weight and struggled with that through college. I was fat. My relationship with exercise and especially with food has been one of refinement over many years. I'm the second of 2 girls and have two amazing teenage nephews. My family is really great.

My husband, Jacques, will celebrate our 19th anniversary this spring. He's my best friend, my workout partner, and  the person who pushes me to be better. Jacques is a Personal Trainer/Contest Prep Coach/Nutritional Coach, and the Owner of Team Pitcher. Team Pitcher is his personal training and contest prep business based online, and locally out of Anytime Fitness in Liberty Lake for those who live or travel here. Many of his out of town clients travel to visit with him for that face time when they can.

He trains everyone from beginners to competitive athletes and everyone in between. He has been pursuing bodybuilding as a hobby in a serious way since 2006. He is a national level bodybuilder.

In 2008, I competed in my first bodybuilding contest. It was a great experience, and in 2009 we trained and dieted together competing in 3 shows in that spring. We've been competing together since. I've competed in EVERY division: bikini, physique, bodybuilding, and figure.

In 1987 while I was eating pop tarts, chili cheese nachos, and sugar soda for lunch in high school I wouldn't have imagined standing on stage displaying my physique for comparative judging. But as I said, my journey has been one of refinement over many years and it will continue to be throughout my life.

I've learned a lot in the 25 years that I have been pursuing health and fitness personally and working in the industry. I am currently taking clients both online and locally.

I'm very engaged in my full time development work (that won't change) and the sprinkling of writing that I'm able to fit in. I appreciate you as a reader and welcome your comments and suggestions. Feel free to subscribe or "friend" me on facebook as well.

I look forward to providing intriguing content, all in pursuit of fitness bliss!