Monday, August 12, 2013

My Meat Hair Era

by Kris Pitcher

"Your hair products smell slightly smoky." he said as he hugged me close to his thick chest. The giggles erupted inside of me. We had settled in to watch a movie. As of late, a rare event.

I went on to explain I had grilled close to twelve pounds of chicken, and two huge steaks on the bbq earlier in the day. That smell wasn't my hair was the mark of my "meat hair".

My reality is we just closed the books on our stove project. Projects take time. And in all fairness, we had some travel during the time frame as well. Not that I was marking time on the calendar...but I was without a stove for over six weeks.

I grilled eggs, greens, and any kind of meat you could throw at me. Please, don't throw meat at me. You get the idea. I was pretty handy with the bbq. I did have some "burn incidences", there was the terrible finger nail incident as well...but that only happened once.

All in all I fared pretty well without a MAJOR appliance. My husband grilled too. But, apparently he didn't smell his own hair. He doesn't have that much hair.

So I thought it was pretty hilarious that he assumed my hair products were scented with the succulent smoky smell of meat. Maybe there's something there? A million dollar idea? Bacon glaze for curly hair? Anyone?

And so ends my meat hair era with the successful installation of our new stove. May there be fewer burn incidents, zero tragic nail breakages...and lots more snuggles. Cheers to major appliances, and baked meat!

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