Friday, August 23, 2013

Stage Make Up for Figure

by Kris Pitcher

At o'dark thirty, while I was getting myself ready for the USA's several weeks back...I thought it would be a good idea to take some selfies as I put my stage face on. Getting yourself made up for competition takes some practice, and I've found a look that I like.

from start to finish!

Here's a progression of what I call "crazy eye". My first selfie, which I'm not a fan of (selfies that is)and I'm not good at, is one of me relaxing. I think it's funny because it shows the difference in color between my competition color, and my face. Shock! Awe! Yawn. Moving on...

Before I go on, I should show you the mess of stuff I laid out on the counter the night before.

that's a lot of stuff!
Competitors like to be organized, and this is a sure sign of organized chaos. There's a lot going on there, including my little bit of coffee in that cup (very important). These are my essentials. Tools of the trade. And having everything out in front of me, I was ready to get started. The second crazy eye picture is of the base I apply in my crease. Doesn't look very pretty at that point. Even the third picture showing additional layers of color packed on...still not real pretty.
You have to trust the process, and if you've practiced your look, you know it's going to turn out right. See all those brushes? I love them for blending. In my initial application I use a combination of glycerin and water with my powdered colors to create a bright and lasting product on the eye. But as you can see, it's harsh.
Blending is your friend. Creating depth is important, and keep in mind the judges are a good 20 feet away, and you are under very bright lights. I can always relax once I've successfully applied my lashes. There's nothing quite like wrestling lashes...
I am happy with my finished look and it works well for me. I've found products I love, that last, and last, and have perfected my application to about 30 minutes. Whether you do your own make up, or have the luxury of having it done professionally, getting it right brings your package together. Go figure! 

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