Friday, February 28, 2014

Call Me Kim

by Kris Pitcher

For some reason when someone doesn't know my name, or can't remember it, they call me Kim. It's been happening for years. Regardless of the situation, context, social or professional...Kim it is.

"Thanks Kim!" or, "Kim, your tag is showing." I even get, "Kim, your sister sent us the nicest card." (No, not that one! Yet.) I must just look like a Kim.

Is there "name" energy? This week I was wearing my name tag at a board meeting..., "Great work Kim." Crap. Now, it would have been acceptable from one of the Veterans in the retirement home we were visiting. But it was from a board member.

Am I not making a strong impression? Sometimes people get it right away and apologize correcting themselves. Other times I simply smile and let them off the hook. Nothing wrong with Kim. Perfectly acceptable.

Kris and Kim are similar. Drop a letter, swap a consonant, same vowel and there you go. Maybe the year I was named, which shall remain nameless, there were just as many Kim's as Kris'. Oddly, I don't get variations on Kris.

Krista, Kristie, Kristyn, Karen or some other close proximity. It's always Kim. So, here's homage to all the Kim's. Cheers! And should we ever meet and you can't remember my name, just call me Kim.

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