Wednesday, March 5, 2014

She Could Be Dangerous

by Kris Pitcher

"Let me see your front pose." Jacques said after my shoulder workout. I took my pose in front of the mirror and waited. "Ok." he dismissed and walked toward his protein shake.

He's a man of few words, and lots of words all at the same time. "I know my arms are fat, but is my shape ok?" I ask. "I'm fat too," he says. "but yes, your shape is ok."

We went on to talk about how we'd like my shoulders bigger, my everything bigger. See, I don't have amazing genetics. I don't even really have decent genetics for this sport. I have to fight and grovel for every bit of muscle, pose around weakness, and defy age.

Every now and then we just shake our heads at someone. Jacques will say, "She'd be dangerous if she could get in shape." And what he means is, she has amazing structure, and great genetics. But what she hasn't put together is the mental focus with the right program.

She hasn't invested in the right coach, or listened to the one she has.She's not willing to make the sacrifices necessary to really be amazing. She cheats and tries to do extra cardio. She thinks a few drinks on a special occasion won't kill her program. She doesn't really have any idea what she has. Lucky for me.

Lucky for me, because I will go the distance. I will be uncomfortable. I'll suffer. I'll do what it takes to fuel properly. I have to, because I don't have amazing structure. I'm fighting. And I want to be dangerous.

So, if he's talking about you...get your act together. Get your head straight around your prep. Go the extra mile to take all the garbage out of your diet. Suffer, just a little bit. If he's talking about you, rethink your approach this season.

If he's talking about you, you can bet I'll be breathing down your neck on stage, fighting. Don't just get there this season, with that dangerous!

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