Friday, April 11, 2014

Hair Removal For Stage

by Kris Pitcher

Ladies please! Let's just dispel an old wive's tale. Shaving the hair on your arms will not make it grow back black, double, thick or anything else. Shave, wax, use cream - what ever method you want it's not going to come back like a big black pelt of hair.

When you're on stage you are lit up like an angel. A tan, oiled angel. Every tiny hair on your body will also be lit a halo all around you making you glow like a fuzzy baby chick.

Hair removal is an important process in preparation for the stage. It is a detail critical to your tan looking good. We want the tan to stick to our skin, not our hair. All those little hairs, everywhere, must go.

This goes for guys too, but you are less conflicted by this old wive's tale of regrowth. Do everyone a favor and practice every yoga move you ever learned and get rid of all that hair. Phone a friend, enlist a helper, call in a favor. Get a leg up. Get. Rid. Of. All. That. Hair.

I hope that's a clear message. It's a detail which sets you apart from the novice. The girl with hairy arms, low back, hamstrings, etc. looks like she didn't get the memo. She'll glow like a baby chick up there. A halo of hair. Don't be that girl. Public service message here.

I'm glad we had this talk. I wouldn't steer you wrong, and you don't see me walking around with big black pelts of hair on my you? No, no you don't because that myth is not true. I promise. Now get in the shower and get started you're on your way to the stage!

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