Monday, April 7, 2014

Panic to the Stage

by Kris Pitcher

You're four weeks out and you're close enough to your show it's time to panic. It sets in without warning. Creeps in really. It's more of a wave rising over starts on the backs of your thighs and moves quickly to your butt.

Will I be ready?!!! Calm down. You won't be ready RIGHT NOW. You'll be ready in four weeks. And a lot can, and will, happen in that time frame. There may be the reality you didn't start your prep soon enough. Or, and don't get mad at me for this, but you may have gotten way too fat off season.

Sorry, but it happens when you're not focused. But let's say you started with ample time, and were in a good place when you started your prep, you'll be ready. This is the point when everyone begins the panic to the stage.

Relax. It's time to trust the process. If you're ready 4 weeks out, it's going to be really hard to hold you condition. Mental exhaustion will set in before your contest comes. You do your work week by week and in time, by'll be ready.

Worst case, if you are not ready to step on stage, you don't. Big deal. There is always another contest right around the corner. If you need another 2, or 4 weeks. Take them. Get ready and then step on stage. The pressure you feel is all created by you.

Don't let the panic set in is my point. There is no need for it. Trust your coach, your advisers, yourself. Trust the prep process. Take the pressure off. Let the process be fluid, not absolute. The wave won't overtake you as long as you are confident in the process. No need to panic here, you've got this!

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