Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Jock Straps for Women

by Kris Pitcher

It's true, there's a new revolution for women and everyone is getting one. It's the jock strap for women. What? Don't you have one yet?! I bet you do!

I learned about this product from an amazing group of women. They ALL have one, some even have two jock Ssraps. In fact, one of them showed me hers...right in a crowded restaurant!

"These are our Jock Straps." she said, pointing to the two un-bronzed people sitting with their group. "They're our athletic supporters." she smiled.

And it's true, none of us can do this sport without our jock strap, our athletic supporter. Some of us have a family of support, a spouse, a room mate, our co-workers. Others have a coach who leads, supports and guides us.

Hilarious! I immediately knew I needed to tell you about your jock straps...because I know you have them. Who are they in your life? Who supports you on your journey? Do your kids support you? Your husband, wife, girlfriend?

Who is your athletic support? Who helps you prep your food, do the dishes, pack your meals, get the laundry done and everything that goes into being able to get yourself ready for competition. It's not just the big things, it's the little things on a daily basis.

It's just being there to hold you...quiet support. It's telling you what you need to hear when you need to hear it. It's showing you what you need to see when you can't see it. Your supporter is the one by your side kicking you out of bed to do your cardio when you'd rather stay in and sleep.

Your jock strap helps you get from your job, to the gym, to pick up the kids, to make the grocery run, to remind you to put your pants on. Your jock strap is constantly there for support your goals. And if you've recently been through a prep, gotten yourself on stage, and are still in one piece...take a look around and figure out who supports you.

Having solid athletic support is critical in this sport, and really anything in life. Grab hold of your jock strap and keep it close to you. Thank those people in your life for supporting you. And laugh as you make your way through this process and join the revolution...after all, you've got a jock strap! 

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