Friday, May 23, 2014

Take Flight on Fairness in Life

by Kris Pitcher

It became clear as her husband boarded the plane and she did not, I would become the recipient of her conversation. The announcer had welcomed the fancy people, and those who would NOT be using the overhead bins for their carry on items.

She's standing close to me, as though we're traveling companions, and says, "I can't believe these people who board the plane with, like, five items and they're not using the overhead bins? Come on!" I could see this was a point of passion for her.

She went on to tell me her husband was surprised she was still mad about people she saw boarding in L.A. with way more than they should have. Noticing she had 3 items, I made a remark about the inconsistency in enforcing the two item limit.

And I'm thinking to myself, this woman has been mad for HOURS over something which really doesn't concern her. She had a seat on the plane, her items fit on the plane, and she made it to her destination without interruption.

They called my row and I smiled and said, "That's me, have a good flight." I took my two items and boarded the plane. The thing is, you control yourself. You choose how you respond to the input around you.

Will you harbor anger, disgust, resentment, and entitlement? You decide, it's your choice. Life isn't fair. The rules are different for different people, Not everyone follows the rules. And it's not your job to enforce the rules.

Mind your business. Take care of your corner of life and do what you need to do. Do the right things and that energy comes back to you. Karma is where "fairness" enters the equation, if you believe in it. But it's not up to you to deliver it.

I'm sure this lady was mad for the duration of that flight too...she's probably still mad today! That's all on her. There are consequences to those choices. The choice to harbor anger, bitterness, distaste for the world around you. Our reality is we control very little.

Take the reigns of the things in your life you do control. Make the difference in those critical areas. Then, take flight!

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