Thursday, November 3, 2016

Voting Sex and Macros

by Kris Pitcher

I voted. I've seen a lot of passion around what might be the most embarrassing, disappointing...fill in your adjective...election of all time. There just are not words.

People get worked up over lots of things and this is no exception. Whatever you subscribe to, you own it. Whether it's your politics, what kind of sex you have, or how you want to eat - your values, your choices.

Judgments, and passions, come over much less. I've never quite understood why people get so worked up over which "camp" they eat in. I am not in an eating cult. I can build an eating plan using any method of eating.

If you are passionate about HIIT cardio, or trail running, by all means be my guest. I'm not judging you. Why are people so mad about these issues?

People want to be right. Period. And as my mother used to say, "End of discussion." And that was the end of it, she had the LAST word.

But really? Are we paying attention to the right things? Have our passions for certain things outweighed their worth? Cant' we still be friends if you eat Keto, and I eat carbs?

I'm thinking these are not the values of importance - to other people. We can live in harmony and true to our values even if they are slightly different. And as I cast my vote, I hope this is the case for much more important issues.


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