Monday, July 22, 2013

My NPC Bikini Debut!

by Kris Pitcher

I had a really fun weekend competing in the NPC Washington State Open. Coming off a week of travel to DC, the "other" Washington...I was glad to be in my home state.

My personal goals were to: meet up with my husband coming from different directions having everything we needed; not fall off my shoes; remember my turns; have a good time; get qualified.

How'd I do? I met each of the above goals. It was really fun to manipulate the body (or not), for a completely different look. Put a different cut of suit on me, fill me up with water, feed me...shoot, I even got my period Saturday morning. Sorry.

My master's class was full of great ladies and I took 2nd place. The open class was even more FULL, of great, YOUNG, ladies and I earned myself 3rd place.

With all the dirty laundry washed and contest supplies re-packed, I am ready to head out to Las Vegas for the NPC USA's. It's the big one. Peak week has begun, and so has the manipulation of my macros, my water, sodium...etc. All the magic. By the end of the week, I will look COMPLETELY different from these photos here. I'll compete in figure and we'll see how things go!

43 doesn't look too shabby standing next to a bunch of twenty-somethings ;) So went my bikini debut!

bikini master's top 5
bikini open top 5



  1. YAYYY!!! You look Fab Kris!!! A natural at Bikini!

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