Monday, July 1, 2013

Peanut Butter and Travel

by Kris Pitcher

In preparation for air travel, I had given him a 1 quart zipper bag for his liquid items. "My deodorant goes in here right?" he asks me. "No, your deodorant is a solid, it's not a liquid." I reply.

"But it's the same as peanut butter." he says. "And, they don't let you have peanut butter." Hmm? I wasn't quite sure where this was going. My brain wasn't making the leap between solid deodorant and peanut butter...which is more of a creamy (delicious) paste.

In his defense, I've done some tricky things through TSA security. Although, putting peanut butter on my under arms isn't one of them. There was the time I stuffed the fruit cakes at the bottom of his backpack. Hey? They're heavy. Boy, did that set off some crazy alarms. We found ourselves explaining the history of fruit cake. Really? You don't even know what it is?

There were the undeclared scuba weights. That was his idea. I'm pretty sure the scuba company would have weights for us once we arrived at our destination. But he carried lead weights through security and caused a near cavity search. His cavities.

Another trip uncovered the Lange skinfold calipers in his backpack. The agents held them up and we were afraid (to the tune of $400) they would drop them as they dangled them around discussing what they possibly might be. I joked and asked if they wanted their body fat measured. Never joke with TSA.

On our most recent trip he was pulled aside for additional screening. Profiled due to his beard. It's the price you pay for expressing your facial hair freedom. His deodorant made it through just fine.

What he wasn't aware of on the way home on that same trip was, I walked right through security with...peanut butter. Yes, that is right! I had packed a number of meals in the cooler for our travel day and in his two meals I packed chicken, rice and threw a giant dollop of peanut butter on the top.

I added this topping of nutty yumminess prior to throwing out the peanut butter jar in our hotel room. Packed the cooler, and quietly, discreetly, walked right through security. HA! There had to be 2 tablespoons, at least, on each one. Well over one ounce!

Now, I've traveled with food through security many, many, many times. It's different each time. It depends on the day, the time of day, the agent, the ambient air temperature and a number of other factors. This particular trip, I had no problem with my small frozen ice pack, or anything for that matter.

As you prep for travel with food, go by the I usually do. You'll ensure your deodorant, and your liquids make it through just fine. One ounce at a time. Skip the peanut butter. 

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