Monday, November 4, 2013

Naked Stretching

by Kris Pitcher

There are two kinds of naked stretching, in my experience. There is unintentional naked stretching, and there is intentional naked stretching. My past experience is primarily with unintentional, at least I think it has been, unintentional.

Let me explain. I spent a lot of years managing fitness centers, running fitness programs, personal training and teaching group exercise. During that time I witnessed lots of what I hope was unintentional naked stretching.

A body part nudges out here, or drops out happens. I taught a lot of older adult water classes, and you'd be surprised how many ladies come out of the locker room with the top of their suit down.

In that same environment, I also witnessed intentional naked stretching, that which you cannot un-see. Why someone does this in a public locker room is a bit beyond me. Even the cruisy type, really? Stretching? Anyway.

You get the idea about unintentional naked stretching. Then there is intentional naked stretching. Intentional means to do it on purpose. Now, you would think this might be done at home, in the privacy and comfort of one's personal space.

You also might think this would be done alone. Or at best with a very intimate partner. The truth is, I have been stretching. Intentionally. And naked.

It's true. But I've not been doing this at home, in the privacy of my personal space. I do it with my massage therapist. Now, in my defense, I'm fully draped with sheets as I'm being pretzeled about. And to the best of my knowledge, there is no exposure of my junk.

Although I can't make any promises. What I can promise is my hips and hamstrings are becoming more flexible as he works me into all kinds of bendy positions. With each, the sheets conceal my's all on the professional up and up. It's fully intentional.

Last year, we were in Atlanta for Nationals and while my husband was sweating out ungodly amounts of water I walked on the treadmill and watched this trainer stretch his client. I thought, "Oh hell no!" He was practically doing it to her. He made it worse by accompanying it with some, "Oh yeah baby", and a few "right there...mmm a little deeper"! I laughed and told Jacques he better not stretch his clients like that.

So I guess stretching, partner stretching, and especially naked (intentional) stretching should all be done with professionalism in order and no, "Oh yeah baby!"'s. But on the serious note, as I work on the things I need help with, flexibility, I get excited by the progress being made...and not just, because I'm naked. *smile

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  1. As funny as that is when we see it, that is totally what some physical therapists do. And its pretty common in the sports arena.