Monday, October 21, 2013

Figure Posing Suits, Fuel in Fabric

by Kris Pitcher

It was a dark weekday morning and I was getting ready for work. My regular morning routine was moving along smoothly. Cardio, check. Shake, check. Coffee, CHECK! Shower, check.

Then I paused, got my posing suit...AND PUT. IT. ON. Now, you might ask yourself, "So what?" Well, the so what is, it's off season. And who would put herself through that. First of all, and this might be too much information, but I can't remember the last time I had time to shave my legs.

Second of all, there's the whole being 10 pounds over contest weight looking all pudgy. There's that. Then there's, and I've lost count, then there's being so white you can literally see my vascular system. So, there's all of that. Plus, I'm on a time crunch in the morning.

But with all of that, at 6:00 am I decided to put on my posing suit. Guess what? It didn't look half bad. It actually went on without any struggle. I actually filled the cups WITHOUT padding. That won't happen come contest time.

There I stood in my front pose. I did my quarter turn, not horrible. Hmm? Four months post contest and I'm holding my weight at ten over...and this doesn't look completely horrible. OK - I thought, I better get to work.

No, literally, I needed to get myself to work! But figuratively (oh, that's a good one!), figuratively I was re-energized to continue working hard on my off season. It was the fuel I needed mentally to eat clean, do my cardio and lift heavy.

Later that week my husband remarked about my strength in the gym. I'm at my strongest, and I want to put it to good use. There is only so much time to make gains, and I don't want to miss any of it. I'm motivated. Motivated by a tiny bit of fabric. If you struggle off season, find your fuel...and get to work!

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