Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Weekend Weight Warrior

by Kris Pitcher

Weekends are great right? We can relax, spend time with friends and family, and even go out and enjoy ourselves. Weekends are when we catch up on what we missed during the week...laundry, groceries, and errands.

The challenge with the weekend is the "warrior" in us. If you are one of the weekend warriors who goes out for dinner and drinks, meets up with friends for pizza, or takes the kids out for something special you might be a weekend weight warrior.

You were good all week so you deserve to let loose! Right? You followed your meal plan, did your exercise so the the weekend is for YOU! Well, this attitude puts you three steps back every week. One order of appetizers and that s'mores martini will set you back further than you think.

Waking up Monday you get on the scale and what do you see? Up three, maybe even five pounds. Even when you get right back on your plan it takes until Wednesday to make it back to your starting point.

By then you are staring down the next weekend complete with plans to meet up with the girls. So, how do you compete with the weekend warrior attitude? You stay on your plan. Read that again. You stay on your plan. Yes. Through the weekend.

You drink your water. You stay away from the alcohol. You do your cardio and get your lifts in. You get enough sleep. And, you eat what you are supposed to eat. In addition to that, plan one, or two, meals with friends or family.

During those meals you control what you do, what you eat. You don't go hog wild as if you'll never eat again. Select something moderately clean, and if you choose to drink - have one drink, not four.

The thing is, you're there to enjoy your friends and family. You DESERVE to remain consistent with your goals and plans. And wouldn't it be nice to actually make some progress instead of just working to get back to your starting point every week?

It would be nice. Knowing about the weekend weight warrior is the key. You can control your choices, you can remain consistent with what you've said is important to you. Of all the people in your life, I would hope your close friends and family would realize that's important to you.

Don't let the weekend weight warrior creep into your routine. Keep focused - especially now as we head into the holidays. Two steps forward and one step back every week is frustrating. Keep moving forward! I'll be right there with you!

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