Friday, January 24, 2014

Your Prep Diet

by Kris Pitcher

As we near the end of January, either you've entirely quit your resolutions, or you're still at it. Lots of you are deep in the throws of prep, or other eating plans for one goal or another. And I've started to notice something.

There are two kinds of "dieters", and I'll use that term very loosely. There are the ones who just go about their business, eat what they are supposed to eat, and don't draw a lot of attention. They don't worry about what every one else is doing, eating, or thinking. Then there's the rest.

I can see the look in your eye as you watch the "normals" eat around you. The disgust, distaste, and anger rises in you until you almost can't stand it. Pretty soon you're emptying out the candy dish on the receptionist's desk, or throwing out the cookies in the break room.

Sound familiar? Guess what? It's you who's on a diet. Not the entire world. Pay attention to your own self. Worry about your own plan. Eat what you are supposed to eat. Know that, the rest of the world will have lots of other items not on your plan.

It will be all around you, it will surround you all the time. That's life. Reaching your goals isn't about "fairness". You can't eat cupcakes every week in the break room at work AND stand on stage competing. So let's just get some perspective here.

Your goals are yours. What you want is different from what 99% of the population want, or could do. Stay focused, that's your job. Clear your head, stop thinking about what you can't have and think about what fuels you.

Be an athlete. BE. Don't just do the things an athlete does. BE ONE. That means you stay focused every meal, every bite, every choice that crosses your path. This is your choice. Stop being resentful about it because every one around you hasn't made the same choice. Stop throwing away their stuff.

You are stronger than that. And if you're not, meditate on that. Find your inner strength because this is a long haul and it's going to get more difficult. Change your perception. Choose your attitude. Make this easier on yourself. Own your decision to BE an athlete. Now, join the others and quit judging what they're eating.

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