Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Fitness Resolutions for the New Year

by Kris Pitcher

Happy New Year! Today's the day. Right? It's the day everyone is going to start getting healthy. It's the day we'll make better choices, start a plan, go to the gym. This is it, this will be the year! Who's excited?!!!

Good for you! Let's get going, why not? Well,'s Wednesday. No one starts on Wednesday. Besides, everything is closed. It's a holiday. Maybe you could start tomorrow?

But Thursday really begins the weekend, doesn't it? And you probably have plans to meet friends for a last ditch cocktail, or happy hour, or to watch the game. No, the weekend is not a good time to start. You'll start on Monday. Monday is good. It's a great time to get going. Monday it is!

And that's how people lose another entire year. Which is why I don't like resolutions. I don't "do" resolutions. If you want to do something, just do it. Sorry Nike. But really, just get to it. Get after it. Start right now.

Well, I mean finish this first, but then get started. There is no magic time to start. There won't be greater success if you begin on a Monday vs. a Wednesday. Go to the gym today. Guess what? They know you're coming.

Stock up on healthy foods so you can begin that eating plan. Get the junk out of the cupboards, and your trunk, so your goals will be supported by your environment. Plan ahead so you have meals at the ready and come Monday you are ready for a week of new habits.

Set yourself up for success by being organized and by putting plans into action now. Don't wait for the perfect time. Believe me, there is no perfect time to start. Start now. And guess what? Your new habits won't end.

What?! That's right, you only have to do weight management as long as you want it to work. So, get comfortable. You're in this for the long haul...not just until February. Start slow. There is no rush.

You've got plenty of time to incorporate your healthy new habits. You don't have to master all your fitness resolutions today. Take one at a time. Start moving. Begin drinking water. Take your meals to work or school.

All those things add up over time. Time. It takes time. So, like I said before, settle in. This is your new lifestyle. You're going to like it. As you begin to shed a few pounds, sleep better and have a clear'll see, you're going to like it. Join the masses but plan to make it through, beyond January this year.

Your fitness resolutions can begin now, no need to wait. Get started nice and easy, and before you know it, you'll be seeing changes that you like. What are you waiting for, get moving. This New Year is ON!

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