Wednesday, March 26, 2014

You Are Here

by Kris Pitcher

One of the challenges with getting where you want to go, or even thinking about being in a different place are here. What I mean by that is, you are right here right now. If thinking forward is a barrier for your progress it's unlikely you'll find success.

It's like the guy who wants to get fit before he meets with a trainer to set up a training program. Isn't he ahead of himself? He's envisioning himself way ahead of where he is. And frankly, he'll never get there.

You are here. You're not ten pounds lighter, right now. In your "right now" you need to make some choices to get you to your goal. Wishing and hoping, and even praying won't get you there. Smart choices will. Living in your "right now" will.

Living in your future won't really get you there. Often, living in your future makes us resentful we aren't there yet. How does that make sense? We see other people where we want to be. We ridicule ourselves for not being there. We wonder why we haven't gotten there yet?

Well, that's a lot of wasted energy. If we were to just be in our right now, we would be making the appropriate choices to get us to our future. Get exercise, start a program, eat healthy meals, cut out the sugar, stop the eating out or not being organized.

The thing about being "here" is you are focusing on right now. You are also valuing yourself, in the place where you are, making the choices you are making, to change and move ahead. It puts a stop to the thinking that "if, then". If I was 10 pounds lighter, then I would be happy...or lovable, or employable, or what ever the thing is.

You are here. Be right where you are. If you want to make changes, do the things right now you need to do in order to change. Don't wait, don't think if/then. Just be. Just do. And just ask for help.

The guy who waits to get fit...will never succeed. But the guy who asks for some help and gets started right now, will begin to make changes...right now. If the future seems overwhelming, be right here. After all, you are here!

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