Monday, September 21, 2015

Rebound or Exit Plan, Your Choice

by Kris Pitcher

Remember that time you went home from that party a little too drunk with what's-his-name? You woke up at his place unsure of exactly how you got there, and you wondered where your car was. Hair stuck to your face, and the taste of vodka and vomit in your mouth? Were you smoking? Oh gawd...where are your clothes? You look over at him and can't be sure of his name. Are those tattoos, on his neck?

Insert "Walk of Shame"
Welcome to your rebound. I've seen your candy stashes, your posts of the new Oreo flavors, and your countdown until you can have donuts. You have sugar-eyes. Five weeks out and your shopping cart is FULL of high fructose corn syrup.

Let me share something with are not going to handle yourself well following your show. You might as well be waking up next to Mr. Tattoo Neck.

And apparently no one is talking with you about your exit plan. You're planning the rebound of a lifetime and you don't even know it. The biggest mistake is, you are paying attention to the wrong things right now.

When people ask me what I want to eat after my contest I have a hard time answering. I'm not even thinking about that. What I know from experience is, I want club soda. Period. I don't have a list, or a stash of anything. I don't bring cupcakes, and bags of candy back stage. I see "after" completely different. I have an exit plan.

Our bodies are primed to soak up everything we put into them following our contest. After being at our most depleted stage - it wants fuel. My goal is to give it fuel. GOOD fuel. I'm primed to grow. So why wouldn't I take full advantage of this anabolic opportunity and fuel my body with good clean food.

My coach provides me with an exit plan before I step on stage. I know exactly what I'll eat that Sunday and in the following weeks. I know when I'll return to the gym. I'm already thinking about what I want to improve, change, grow for NEXT season.

I want my body to soak up good carbs, to get the protein it needs, to replenish its healthy fats, and to GROW! That doesn't happen on Oreos or the rest of the sugar stash you have. And that is the difference between athletes who progress in this sport.

Focusing on what you "can" have, on what fuels you vs. what you can't have - the things that don't fit into this lifestyle, positions you to be in control. To continue in this sport you have to embrace the lifestyle. That means eating good food year round.

My exit plan does include extras. That is part of the plan. The strength in what I'll bring to the stage next year begins with what I do when I walk off stage. It begins with my choice to follow my exit plan, and NOT rebound gaining 30 pounds eating a cart full of sugar.

All of those goodies will be there when you are done with your show. You can fit some of them in your off season plan. A strong exit plan will keep your head in check along the way. You will welcome the continued structure. Your body will thank you for the nutrients, and you might even make the gains you are looking for.

Skip the downward mental spiral, skip the depression, skip the edema, skip the kankles, skip the hangover, skip gaining 15 pounds in 3 days. Skip all of the elements of the perfect rebound.

Your future progress is counting on you...the choice is yours. Will you rebound, or exit successfully?

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