Thursday, September 10, 2015

Why Your Contest Prep Coach Wants to Fire You

by Kris Pitcher

Disclaimer: This topic was not inspired by any of you. It wasn't inspired by my husband, who is a coach. None of the acts here within represent behaviors of his clients. It may however hit a chord..If it walks like a duck...

Most people want to make relationships work, and that's no different for the coach-client relationship. But just because you've paid for someones services, doesn't mean you can't be fired.

Here are the top ten reasons your coach wants to FIRE you:
  1. You say your diet is on point, but your facebook post says otherwise. - Don't forget you are fb friends with your coach. They will see that post about your "cheat day", those pics of you and your friends at the party drinking alcohol, and that anniversary dinner you also didn't clear.
  2. You think your plan is a "suggestion". When you aren't doing your plan, your plan isn't going to work. You can't do it some days and not others. You can't do "most" of it. You are either doing it, or you're not. If you're not, your coach is really confused why you're not responding and progressing.
  3. You want to eat a protein bar every day, for dessert. While marketing is king, bars don't fit your plan, your macros, or anything else. And competitors don't get dessert. You don't get first call out by replacing meals with bars.
  4. You don't exactly eat all your meals. Number 2, your plan is not a suggestion. Skipping meals is not doing your plan. If you have time issues, or what ever your deal is, talk it out and find a solution with your coach. If they think you're eating, and you're not...they'll be confused about your progress (see a trend here?).
  5. You don't check in.When you don't check in, or you check in once a month, your coach has forgotten about you. It's your responsibility to check in and provide good feedback. Coaches don't have time to chase you. And they cannot provide you with anything, if you aren't participating.
  6. You wonder what you should eat if you're hungry. If it's not on your plan, you aren't eating it. Eat your meals, on time. There isn't anything "else" to eat. It is ok to be hungry, you will not die. Eat more green vegetables.
  7. You are constantly insisting on diet changes. Usually this is accompanied by numbers 3, 4, and 5. Your coach isn't going to change your diet for the fun of it. They are also not going to change it if you aren't 100% compliant with your current plan. They can't tell if the current plan is working, because you aren't doing it. Once you do it, and they see if it's working, they'll make changes. That's how this works.
  8. You are suffering on 200 gms of carbs a day. Your coach believes you have suffered for nothing in your privileged life. You don't know suffrage.
  9. You blame your coach for your lack of progress. If you're guilty of any of the above, you're living in a fool's paradise. But honestly, when everything is working, you are making progress. When you have problems, it's usually on you. Tough love right there. You are accountable.
  10. Ten year old girls are stronger than you, and you think you're "killin' it". There is a serious lack of understanding of proper intensity. And you think you are just really bad ass. I don't know if people are lazy, or want the IFBB to just come to their gym and hand out invitations to the league...I don't know. I sense this underlying generational feeling of entitlement. That's another blog.
I know of coaches who fire people left and right. I also know of coaches who never communicate and make it really hard for you to be a good client. A great coach is going to communicate with you, ,work through problems, provide solutions and build a strong relationship with you. Your role is to provide honest feedback, to do your plan, to trust them, meaning not second guessing every aspect of your program.

If you're neurotic and panicy, you'll make your coach crazy. If you withold information, lie, cheat, and believe every bit of bro science you can get your hands're in line to be fired.

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