Saturday, September 5, 2015

Timing Your Contest Prep, Will You Be Ready?

by Kris Pitcher

You're [fill in the blank] weeks out, and you don't feel like you'll be ready in time for your contest date. News flash! No one ever feels like they will be ready. I can't even count how many contests I've done, and I've rarely felt ready.

I've stood in the line up back stage, ready to go on for prejudging - and wasn't sure if I was ready. Here are a couple of things to ease your mind around this. First, you'll be as ready as you've ever been.

Most of you will be in the best shape of your life. You'll be the best you, you've ever been. How much better does it get? Maintaining perspective on this is so important. Every time I hit the stage, I'm better than the time before. If this is your first time, you will be in the best shape of your life.

You won't look like the pros. You can just stop comparing yourself to the pros you follow on instagram and facebook. Just stop that right now. Stop comparing yourself to women who compete in different divisions. Sure some of them do 2 NPC shows, then go to one national level show and turn pro. But that is NOT the norm. And it's not going to happen to you. Be willing to work. Hard.

You won't look or feel ready 4 weeks out, or 6, or even 3. If you are working with a coach, they are timing your progress so you're ready in time...not early. Keeping contest ready conditioning for a long period of time isn't something you want to do. With that in mind, you won't "look" ready. Because you aren't.

Most importantly, this process is not linear. You won't lose 5 pounds every week for 16 weeks. You aren't going to drop 3% body fat weekly for the duration of your prep. It doesn't work like that. Some weeks you will see a number change, some you won't. That doesn't mean nothing is happening.

Never feel frustrated with that. It's just science. It's what happens over the cumulative duration of your prep that makes you "ready" in time. Your weight doesn't matter, your body fat percentage doesn't matter.

There is no component during prejudging where every competitor will be weighed, measured, and tested for body fat. Get over it. Your numbers don't matter. What does matter is how you look. Which you become blind to. Your coach can see how you look. Trust them.

What you can rest assured in, is you are doing everything you should be doing to get ready in time. Leave nothing undone. Don't nibble, or miss meals. Don't miss workouts, or cut your cardio. Don't think you're "killin' it" by doing more than you are supposed to do. Just work your plan. And your plan will work.

It isn't until I look at stage pictures when I truly realize - I was ready. Putting energy into thinking about this now isn't serving you well. Trust your process. Trust yourself. Be confident that you will be ready. You won't believe your pictures! You're going to be ready.

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