Thursday, October 8, 2015

Do You Have the Guts to Compete?

by Kris Pitcher

"No one preps like you do." My husband and coach said. It surprised me when he said it and I think there are plenty of people who push with the same of more effort. That in itself motivates me. The competitor in me wants to be better, better than myself...and better than you.

While everyone is pumpkin spicing, I've pulled the 2016 calendar and mapped out my plans for next year. Seeing the blocks of weeks motivates me. Looking at the date I'll "start" my diet sets the stage, literally.

Counting out the months of off season isn't to determine how many weeks of "free" eating I have left. It's to make sure I don't let one workout go by without the intensity necessary to get me where I want to be. It's to make sure I don't miss a meal that is going to make me grow. It's to ensure I don't waste one day of time.

And here are some things you should know about me if you think you can prep as good, or better, than me. I can gut a fish. That's right, I'm not afraid to get my hands right in there and pull out the guts to clean out what I need.

I can go to the bathroom in the woods. I am not afraid of the elements. I can "rough it", which means I am not adverse to...adversity. You have to make do (good one), with your surroundings. Prep is like survival.

I am a really good spitter. Some women just cannot spit. I could win a distance contest. Spitting is about commitment. You have to put some force behind it and not care what other people think. You have to be sure of yourself, and commit.

If you can't get what you need, overcome adversity, and commit you will struggle with your prep. For me, focus on simplicity allows me to prep like no one else (in the words of my coach). But I'm not better than anyone else, I'm just very clear on my goals and commitment.

My humility keeps me connected with the fact that lots of women are just as focused, and commited. This drives me to stay focused, to rip into that fish, do what I need to do in the woods, and to spit as far as I can.

Now, let's go outside and see just how far you can spit!

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