Saturday, October 3, 2015

Fatigue, Why am I so Tired During Prep?

by Kris Pitcher

I see a lot of competitors perplexed about the level of fatigue they feel during prep. People want to know what they can take for "energy". I thought we should have a heart to heart about the expectations of your energy level while you are prepping for your show.

I will apologize on behalf of the industry for no one telling you you would be TIRED. It's true. Fatigue is part of this. You are operating in a deficit. You're taking things to a whole new level.

Taking in fewer calories, restricting certain nutrients, keeping up with your workouts all add up to one tired bunny. Oh, and don't forget that job you have, and family, kids, etc. And those "energy" pills, they exacerbate your fatigue in the long run.

Some of you are so over stimulated you're kind of cracked out. You're taking your pre workout at 6:00 pm and wonder why you can't sleep at night. It's taxing to your systems and you are left in a heap on the couch.

Here's what you should know about managing your energy. Stop doing a bunch of extra recreational activity. You will only have enough energy to work, and do your workouts, and find some clean clothes to put on.

Going to parties, to the movies, wake boarding, hiking, and all the other fun things I see competitors doing in prep, will affect your outcome. You only have so much to give. "Balance" is relative.

It's important to manage your expectations about your energy level. You may not be jumping off the walls, or out of bed...or anywhere. Thinking you'll have enormous amounts of energy is silly. It's just in the pages of magazines.

Take every advantage to REST. When you have an extra half hour in your day, rest. If a client cancels, rest. If you have an office with a door, close it and rest. Friday night, Netfix and chill (see, I'm hip).

If you have to be at wrestling matches, or soccer tournaments all day (I'm sorry) - take your folding chair, your fuzzy blanket, and settle in. Rest. Get off your feet. You can put your feet up on your cooler.

If you are finding you are lacking energy, that is NORMAL. Everyone feels fatigued during prep. Manage your expectations, your stimulants, and your activities. Save yourself for what matters, and limit your social calendar.

I am a big proponent of naps, going to bed early, and protecting my schedule. Getting through the fatigue of prep is a real thing. Think about it, it's no wonder you're tired!

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