Thursday, October 29, 2015

Your Journey to the Stage, Why It Doesn't Matter

by Kris Pitcher

Can I tell you something that might be difficult for you to hear? That's the line I use when I need to deliver difficult information. It's really effective. It gives the person a choice first of all, and also lets them know something is coming. Then we sit down. Let's sit down...

Everyone faces adversity in life. Sure, it's relative. Your difficulties may be "more" difficult than the next guy. Persevere! Good for you! Life is hard.

But no one cares about your journey to the stage in a physique competition. This might sound cold-hearted, But here's what I mean. This is a sport of subjective judgement. We stand in a line, next to other competitors, to be judged.

All the judges see is what is in front of them. They see us relative to the people on stage next to us. They score us based on standardized criteria. We are taken through mandatory poses and compared to one another. We are then ranked in order.

They know us by our number, not our name, or our "story". They don't know what adversities we've overcome, or how hard our life has been. It doesn't matter. All that matters is how we compare.

Your journey is irrelevant. How hard you worked, how it was more difficult for you than anyone else, how much weight you lost (this is not a biggest loser), how many jobs you hold, credits you take, or kids you have...sorry. None of it matters on judgement day.

I share this because there may not even be an opportunity to share your story. That bio you filled out may not be heard by the crowd. They just see you walk across the stage, hit your poses and hear your name. That's. It.

While you've fulfilled a life's dream, bucket list, end to your big one else makes the connection. It's lost. It's often misunderstood. As judges, we do understand people have stories, adversities, and have overcome huge hurdles.

But it's lost in the moment of judgement for certain. And often in the presentation during finals, when that story isn't relayed to the audience.

The silver lining? Your story is important to YOU. It should motivate and encourage you. It should provide you with direction, inspiration and energy to keep moving forward. It should help you overcome life's difficulties you will no doubt encounter in your future.

Hard things are hard. Competing in a physique competition is no exception. It's hard for everyone. Thanks for the chat, I hope that wasn't too difficult for you to hear.

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