Sunday, January 29, 2017

Why Your Environment Creates Your Success

by Kris Pitcher

If I have a TV I'm going to watch it. If I have a book, but no TV, I'm going to read. When I have a book and a TV...I'm forced to choose. And I'm lazy, and I grew up in the 70' & 80's. I'm going to watch TV. Hands down.

Turns out I love both. I enjoy reading just as much as I enjoy TV. It's the choice that's agonizing. I am agonized by the decision. What if I make the wrong choice? What if people think I'm smarter for reading the book? Or if they think I'm missing out for not seeing that series on TV? What if they think I'm weak? Can I be trusted to make the right decision?

You're wondering why this is such a big deal. The deal is, food choices are a lot the same. When we have to choose it's difficult. Lots have strayed from those resolutions made upon ringing in the New Year (earlier this month). And many are waiting for just the right time to actually face the choices.

What I've found is, it's much easier when you are in a controlled environment. For example, I am enjoying my Alaskan visit in my cozy apartment above the shop...WITH NO TV!

This would send most running. Compounded with the fact that Sprint doesn't serve Alaska...I'm a little off the digital grid up here. Controlled environment. It means I'm enjoying my book, very much.

The key is a controlled environment ensuring the choices you intend to make are easy to make. By surrounding yourself with the things that are on your plan, you will automatically make the right choice.

We take that further through organization. When we plan and organize our day, our meals, we will be that much more successful. We organize our space in our kitchen to make the priority items readily available. And guess what? Our choices are right there for us.

We aren't faced with the constant agony over the decision process. This is where the success comes from. There's no guilt from a choice that doesn't align with your goals when you surround yourself with all the things that will make you successful.

I'm not any better at this than anyone else. I don't have "will power" of some super hero. I don't want it any more than the next guy. I've created an environment where I will be successful. Success is my only choice.

My suggestion is to simplify. Create the environment where your only choice is success. Change is change. We need to remove things, and replace them with something else.

I'm not just sitting here in the dark with no TV. I'm sitting here enjoying my book. Think about the choices you are agonizing over. Think about the changes you would like to make. Then begin to create the environment where your only option will be in support of your goals. This is where success happens.

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