Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Faith, Fear and Fitness

by Kris Pitcher

I see it all the time. I see perfectly capable first time, or even experienced, competitors crumble in fear. Fear of failure. Fear they won't be "perfect" the first time. Fear they will disappoint themselves or others. So, here's a story about faith and fear that made me think of this exact predicament.

I'm traveling for work. A simple overnight. I pride myself on packing light. In fact, this trip I decided I wouldn't need to wash my hair (today). With that, I stripped my toiletries WAY down. What I didn't remember is my hotel selection while they do have a microwave, refrigerator, and 24 hour gym (required)...they don't have many amenities in the bathroom.

After sweating about 8 pounds last night, I woke realizing I needed to wash my hair. It's a public service act truly. I also realized I only had "moisturizing shampoo" at my disposal. I live for conditioner. I. Need. It. "No good can come of this." I thought as I emptied the bottle onto my head.

I toweled dry, gently. I was smart enough to bring some hair products. After all, I know what it takes to tame this hair. I LIBERALLY applied my leave in cream, looked at the hair dryer, and made a cup of coffee. "It's going to be fine." I thought to myself (faith).

The texture as I began the drying process was like the most fine spun cotton candy you have ever seen. Remarkable. It'll be fine I chanted. I pressed on. I checked some email while I let it air dry a bit. I let my curling iron heat up and looked for my claw clip to section out my hair. No clip...

I began to curl, which for me straightens, smooths and curls. It's going to be fine. Keep going. Once I had all the sections handled, I sprayed...I could tell my hairspray was just about out. It will be fine.

Letting the curls cool, I worked a bit more. Press on. Keep going. Trust. Have faith. I can do this. Then I shook things out. It looked amazing. I sprayed the last bit of hairspray from the can and tossed it in the trash.

But what if I had just quit? Or, what if I hadn't even started? What if I had woken up with sweaty, stinky hair and knowing my circumstances just threw my hands up and didn't even try? Wouldn't that be silly?

Did it look perfect when I took the towel off? No. Did my original plan work out? No. Did it look great when I finally got it dry? No it did NOT.

But in the end, when I had persevered through all the steps with faith in my abilities, it worked out.

So, I'm always perplexed when someone just gives up on themselves because they can't see the very end product. Of course you can't see it. It's many steps, months likely, down the road. Keep going!

Stop looking for reasons and ways to quit on yourself. Find faith in your ability to succeed. Find your faith!

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