Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Cheating Spouses and Dieting

by Kris Pitcher

I'm thinking your spouse wouldn't have it if you "kind of" cheated on them. From experience, I can tell you...I'm having none of it. In fact, don't even think about it. That alone will get you the boot. Just ask the first guy.

You can't be "kind of" pregnant either. You either are pregnant, or you aren't. There is no wiggle room in conception. Although there is a lot of...well let's stay on track here.

While there are areas in our lives where we may make indiscretions and have an opportunity to right our wrongs, our diet is not one of them. If we speed and get a traffic ticket we can pay the fine, go to traffic school and spend time on probation.

We've righted that wrong. We can't however make up for bad choices with our nutrition. Further and to my point, if you have a plan - follow it. If you are not following it, you aren't doing your plan.

You can't "kind of" follow your plan. We've had this conceptual discussion before. Yet for some, it remains conceptual. It's not. This is practical. In order for your plan to work, meaning for you to see results, you must follow your plan.

Read that part again. To see results, you have to follow the plan. To the letter. That means you weigh and measure the items on your plan. It means you do not add, or take away items. See?

When you struggle and ask your coach to fix it, and they make a change to your plan and still nothing. Remember what they do? They go into conference with their colleagues about you. But the problem isn't your coach.

The problem is you. You are not following your plan. You are "kind of" following it. That means you are cheating on it. You might as well join the starter husbands of the world who thought about cheating on the likes of strong minded ladies.

We are having none of it. Don't even think about it. You are not fooling anyone. We know you are not doing your plan. Extra bites here, and a heaping measure there...not the plan. Skipping a meal, also not the plan.

These dietary indiscretions are not like a parking ticket. You can't undo them with 20 minutes of extra cardio. Less isn't more, you need to eat all your food. And we just wish you would do your plan 100% so we could see the results.

And we're "kind of" sick of you passing the blame to the coach because you are not being successful. Get out of your own way here. Seriously, do your plan. Stop monkeying around with extras and cheating and skipping and this and that.

No you may not skip cardio because you're tired. Too bad you didn't plan ahead and pack your meals. Guess what? This takes commitment and planning. You need to get organized and get it together. Stop the "kind of".

If you can adopt the attitude that you are either doing it or you're not, you'll drop the diet indiscretions. You'll also find success. Stop fooling around and commit to yourself. You deserve more than "kind of".

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