Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Post Contest Blues

by Kris Pitcher

You achieved the best shape of your life, you met your goals, you made it to the stage! You competed in your show, whether it was your first or your did it! It was like climbing a mountain. Slow going, grueling, and you swore along the way you would make it to the top.

Your family was proud, your pictures turned out fantastic. You look at them and you can't quite believe it's you. It seems like it all happened so fast now that it's over. It's over. You were so high, but now, you feel low. You feel blue.

Post contest blues are "normal". Any time you reach a monumental goal there is some let down once you are finally done. Managing around that is difficult. But you certainly can do it. It starts with recognizing your feelings.

It's kind of like mourning a loss. You've lost the attention (like it or not) of people asking you about your contest. You've lost being the best looking person in your gym. You've lost your lean, cut look. You've lost your goal. You are no longer working toward something. It's ok to feel sad about loss.

You may have also not planned what's next. So, you literally are lost. Loss and lost. Two bad sisters. The loss will dwindle. You know you can't keep that body. That body is a one day deal. You peak for your show. We don't get to keep our contest condition. It doesn't work like that.

Don't be sad about that any more. Be realistic about it. Now is the time to move on and grow. Eat more good clean food and grow like a weed! Let that one go. Cover up. You don't have to wear tank tops and booty shorts to work out.

Put your body under cover. It's ok not to be the center of attention. People won't even notice the changes. They still think you look amazing. Now as far as you feeling lost...

You need to get your plan together. Get right back at it. Get in the gym, get with your coach, and get your plan together. Then put it in action. When we are mourning what is over, we need to look ahead.

Blues be gone! Those sad sisters of loss and lost can get lost because you don't need them any longer. You are on to the next goal. Whether it's growing your shoulders, your back width, the sweep of your thighs, bringing in your rear...what ever your goal, get going!

Post contest blues are compounded by eating sugar, carbs and drinking alcohol. All of these are things your body isn't used to, your brain isn't used to them either. They are setting you up on a chemical roller coaster of mood swings. Get this under control and control your mood. Seriously!!!

I cannot stress that enough. If you are feeling at all blue after your show, get your eating cleaned up. You don't need the stress of a chemical whirlwind of mood busting nonsense going on. Clean. It. Up. You've had some treats, now let's get going toward our next goal.

It's normal to feel blue after your show. You can get over it just as soon as you decide to. Help yourself out by cleaning up your diet and by visiting your coach. Let's get you on track to your next big challenge!

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