Friday, May 10, 2013

Gummy Vitamins

by Kris Pitcher

There is a new wave of marketing targeting women specifically. I thought we should sit down and talk about gummy vitamins. I will preface this conversation by saying a multi vitamin is a good insurance policy.

Gummy vitamins for adults, however, are candy. Be a grown up and take your vitamin pill without added ingredients. You don't need to chew it, you don't need a "treat". You don't need "candy". The end.

Now that we've had that important talk, and we can just go ahead and lump calcium chocolate chews right in the same bucket...we can talk about something really important.

My $10 no light gel polish, which was a BIG investment for me, is still on my toes after a FULL week. This is a miracle. I may just make it through sandal season after all!

Think twice before you get swooped up by marketing. You are an adult, you don't need candy supplements. Would you smoke candy cigarettes?

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