Friday, May 3, 2013

How to Get a Flat Belly

by Kris Pitcher

Tea has lots of soothing benefits. Did you know that you can flatten your belly drinking tea? Put the kettle on and make yourself a cup!

Like most fruits and vegetables, tea contains polyphenols, or catechins. While there are lots of ideas about these structures and how they effect's important to point out most go unproven.

It's thought, however, that polyphenols act to aid in digestion. This is a nice benefit of a warm cup of tea. These catechins are also thought to be responsible for the fat burning effect in green tea. BINGO!

A little bump in natural digestion, an increase in metabolism, and before you know it your tea is helping you burn fat. There just might be something to this? You could be flattening out that belly with a cup of tea!

Couple that cup with some good clean eating and a solid exercise program and you are on your way to a flatter belly in no time. Will the tea do it alone? Probably not. But when you add good habits together, they compound.

A healthy lifestyle takes a multitude of things happening all at once to get results. And if drinking a cup of tea can help...pour me a cup! Ahhh! Enjoy!

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