Monday, June 24, 2013

Competing at the National Level, All In

by Kris Pitcher

"Adams" I'm greeted by the blue letters as I open the refrigerator to pour club soda into my glass. Bull crap I mumble to myself as I pour my water noticing the unopened package of rice cakes on the counter.

Strategically blocking the giant jar of peanut butter with the safety of my club soda I shut the refrigerator door then turn and place the rice cakes deep in the bowels of the cupboard behind my husband's grits.

Four weeks and I'll hit the stage for a fun local show, then it's on the plane to Vegas for the USA's. The BIG one. Bridging the gap between shows means getting your head straight. Having just completed a huge accomplishment, all the "congratulations!" might have you think you're done.

I am not done. My brain needs constant reinforcement that indeed, I am not done. In fact the most difficult work is ahead of me. My body has already reached points lower than normal in body fat, it's already pushed the limits of what's possible in physical's already tired.

Now is the time my brain has to tell my body it can be done. It's the time I have to take control of my environment and get the rice cakes off the counter top. It's the time I have to dig deep, real deep, into my mental reserves.

It will be the next few weeks when I will smile and "act" energetic at work. When I will choose to be happy and excited about life. It will be my opportunity to remind myself, I choose this.

I hung my competitor credentials and number on the stairmaster, which resides in the kitchen, to remind myself who I have chosen to become. I have chosen to become a national competitor, and if it were easy...everyone would do it.

Competing at this level is not easy. It requires more, it requires constant commitment, continual focal requires one to be all in. It requires choice.

So in these final weeks, I will be digging deep. I will be reminding myself I am not done, I have just begun. My focus will remain, and my body will endure. I will choose to take this next step. I. Am. All. In.

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