Friday, June 7, 2013

See Your Success

by Kris Pitcher

In the moments when I'm falling to, or waking from, sleep I'm visualizing myself succeeding at my goals. It's a conscious effort to literally see my success.

Visualization and meditation are powerful tools. Whether you create a "vision board" of pictures of the things you want to attract into your life, or you meditate on those things, you are literally willing them to you.

By doing this you are opening yourself to the possibilities and the pathways for these things to come into your life. By "things" I don't necessarily mean stuff. Although there is nothing wrong with wanting stuff.

During my prep toward competing on the national stage I put a photo of myself from last season next to last year's Jr. Nationals winner on my refrigerator with my calendar. Every day, multiple times a day, I see myself and I see the previous winner. She's now a pro. We look similar.

I see myself as the winner. I visualize myself during prejudging, hearing the instructions, making my quarter turns, being called out. I meditate on the exact way my body feels during presentation in each turn, in each transition. I am seeing my success as I'm falling asleep, and as I'm waking. Daily.

This works for public speaking, for interviewing, for securing sales or what ever you are working toward. Being able to see yourself in a position of success puts you directly in the path of success. Taking time to think about it, visualize it, meditate on it, actually brings your focus to exactly what you want.

That focus in turn creates thoughts and actions guiding you toward what you want, your success. If you can see it for yourself, you can have it. Now, go get it!

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