Wednesday, October 9, 2013

I Woke Up Fat

by Kris Pitcher

The most unfortunate thing happened Monday morning. It was a shock really. I won't exactly blame it on the peanut butter bars my colleague brought to work last Thursday. Although they were gooey and warm when she arrived with them...

I couldn't possibly blame the Quarter Pounder with bacon I ate on Saturday. Never blame bacon. So when it happened on Monday morning I truly shouldn't have been in such shock. But. I. Was.

Monday morning, I woke up fat. It was an unfortunate realization. I didn't like it. It felt bad. Pudgy, it felt pudgy. And that's how it happens.

An extra bite here, and some snacks there. Sure, I've got a plan - which I'm eating. But things got all loosey-goosey. Yes, that is a technical term. Stress eating? Sure, some of that too. Now what?

Now I do what I'm supposed to do. Eat my plan. Just my plan. And no, the Quarter Pounder BLT isn't on the plan. It's a shame...

But we've got a plan here and it doesn't include losing 25 pounds once it's time to diet down. So, it's time to get real, and reel it in. I don't get to be a "regular" person. I get to be an offseason dieter. Peanut butter bars? Not for me.

If you wake up one morning and it happens to you - you wake up fat...well chances are you know what to do. Chances are you've gone all loosey-goosey. The reality is you don't get to eat the way society eats unless you want to look like everyone else. I don't. My goals don't include that.

Back to the plan. Let's see what we can do! Maybe it's time you get back to it too? I'll see you on the plan!

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