Friday, October 18, 2013

Intuitive Dieting and Contest Prep, Listening to Your Body

by Kris Pitcher

I'm not quite sure how this is going to go. You might want to sit down. Or you might want to make sure you're not drinking anything that's going to feel really, really, bad coming out your nose. I just never know. But today's topic is...listening to your body.

Many people, no one's being called out here, use the method of "listening to my body" as they diet or prep for a show. Now, I'm no genius but the voice inside MY head will not get me stage ready.

The voice in my head, my intuition, never once said, "Hey! It's 4:25 am, let's get up and do cardio!" She never once said that. Thanks a lot intuition. She would say, "Shhh! Girl, you need your rest! It is cozy in here...stay in bed!"

What is this listening to your body? My body says I need more carbs. What!? My body said do less cardio. Really?! If this works for people they are a special breed. And I'm not doggin' on them. I am calling myself out on this one. Intuition.

My intuition would say, "Of course cinnamon Pop Tarts don't go with wine! They go with vodka-7!" If I listened to the voice in my head I would still be sitting on the couch eating bowls of cereal and never make it to the gym. Intuition. She's a fatty...

I need a plan. I need structure. Intuition is second guessing. I need a guide. I need someone with objective eyes. Intuition? What my body says? My body says I look fat 2 weeks out from a show. She's a liar.

So, if listening to your body is getting you the results you want, great for you. If you are beginning to wonder about that might want to start listening to someone else. Successful weight management, or contest prep, doesn't happen by accident or intuition. It happens by absolute plan. Stick to it!

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