Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Contest Coverage!

by Kris Pitcher

You might be wondering how my contest went. Either that or you are just SICK of hearing about it. Regardless, I'm going to give you the low down on the Night of Champions 2012!

After a great year of training, pushing myself, and working on bringing a new level of sharpness to my physique I was ready to hit the stage! Then I almost got HIT.

Friday, on my way to get my hair done I was approaching an intersection of congested traffic and red lights. Everyone was slowing down...except the IDIOT behind me. Tires screeching, smoke billowing and you can imagine what kind of four letter words are going through my mind.

My support, Jacques
Sitting there in my tanned skin, silky PJ's (and nothing else), I'm looking in my rear view mirror wondering if this jack-hole is going to hit me.

Crisis averted as he swerved and went into the other lane. Seriously, pay attention. I've got a contest to compete in!

Saturday morning came very early and things progressed smoothly. I was able to indeed get my false eyelashes on even with the impediment of my false nails. Boy did I feel disabled. I know you ladies have figured out how to do all kinds of things with long nails. But that's not for me.

Make-up on and hair straight as a board (thank you for cooperating over night), I was ready to put my feet up and keep on eating those delicious dry carbs. I felt tired, anxious, nervous, thirsty...the kind of thirsty that could lead you to kill a person.

I was right on track! My bag was by the door like an expectant mother and we were off. I chose to compete in three divisions, making for a long morning of lots of stage time. And lots of work. Masters Figure, over 40; Open Figure class B; and Women's Physique.

Following pre-judging I knew I needed to stay on point. Translation: no water, boring fish meals & dry carbs. But this is a good thing. We rested up for the night show when we'd learn my fate.

Masters, 12 amazing women competing for the title and I would take 2nd place amongst them. Women's Physique begins with the presentation of the routine...which I thought about for about 5 minutes. Sorry, winged it. I was very focused on the work to get stage ready. Knowing it doesn't count for my score made it kind of like that book report you never got to.

I took 3rd place in the WP division amongst 5 very different looking physiques. Still evolving...but a great placing and it qualifies me to do something at the national level should I choose. Happy with that.

Open Figure was the final class for me. The one I felt the best about. And it's the one I won. Seven great competitors in that category including one new comer who I will have to watch out for, she's going to be awesome.

Karly wins overall!
So winning my class meant going for the overall against the winners of each of the other open classes. One of those competitors was team mate Karly, who is fantastic. We went into the contest hoping she'd take overall. Standing next to her was an honor. Sure enough she did win overall. And we couldn't be more proud of her! A very exciting moment.

After a very long and very rewarding day I can reflect by being proud of a productive year of hard work, being humbled by my fellow competitors, being grateful for those who support me, and being thankful for the community of friends in the sport.

A couple of days of scary "unstructured" eating, and I am back on point...I've got something new in sight. And that's how plans are made ;)

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