Saturday, September 8, 2012

Eating At Work

by Kris Pitcher

Pizza for a meeting, cupcakes because it was someones birthday, chocolate, and vanilla filled cookies by the microwave...and the always full tray of miniature chocolate bars in so-and-so's cubicle. That my friends is just another day at the office.

So, how do you navigate through what might be considered a land mine at work? You go "Girl Scout" and take the motto, "Be Prepared!"

Left to chance or circumstance we would all be - well eating pizza and cupcakes at work on an all too frequent basis to maintain any sort of goal. The challenge is those things don't fit our goals, and won't get us where we say we want to go.

I guess it comes down to eating like normal people. If you take a look around...that's "normal".

Most people are skirting obesity. The new normal. You can eat that stuff, but you'll be normal. You'll join the masses in the rising numbers of the medical journals.

Or, you can keep your goals fresh at mind and your plans well executed by...being prepared. That means taking all your food. You can't eat what you don't have. Getting the food right is the hardest part.

You've got to purchase what you need, prep it, pack it, take it, and eat it. Period. This is how you navigate the land mine that is eating at work. Working out is actually the easy part to making progress. It's getting the food down which is the biggest challenge.

Get it right and you will make gains, losses, whatever your goal is. You will get there once you get your food in order. And, since you spend the majority of your day at work, why not start there. Structure the 40 plus hours a week you spend working by eating the way you are supposed to eat. Let's start seeing some progress by eating right, at work.

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  1. Exactly Kris. Not only do I bring fresh food with me everyday but I also like to keep food at work. I have a drawer with all my oatmeal fixings on the days I don't bring much for lunch. Most of us have a microwave at work but I the idea is not to bring frozen dinners to work. I bring what I'm gonna eat. If you bring junk you will eat junk. Packing your lunch builds good intentions. And when you're hungry grab your lunch, avoid the going out for lunch crowd and find a corner and work on that healthy lunch. Before you know it you have instilled a healthy routine in your life.