Thursday, September 20, 2012

Extra Naked

by Kris Pitcher

This is an exciting contest season for me. Each prep is different from the last, and this is no exception. One of the fun things along the way are the comments my husband makes.

Now, some people get all crazy when they prep. They get mean, they fight, they have hysterical fits...and I may have my moments, but over all I'm pretty even tempered.

My point is my husband and I not only stay friends, but we also diet together. We're good at keeping the crazy out, and the supportive in. As I started my peak week he said to me, "You've already won. You look your best ever, so no matter what happens, you've won."

We talked about my new physique. And it is my best ever. It's exciting. I hope it's what the judges want to see.

He said after looking at me in my CJ's Elite Suit, "Your suit matches the quality of your physique." It's one thing to have a one of a kind suit which is top of the line in the industry. But to have the quality of physique worthy of wearing it is another thing altogether.

But as he assessed the leanness of my abs last week he said, "You're so lean you look extra naked." Now, this was not a technical, nor professional, all. But it made me laugh pretty hard! You're either naked, or you're not naked!

Can you look extra naked?! Apparently you can. And this prep has been proof that indeed you can top what you did last year and you can achieve more.

You can bring in a whole new look, and bring a whole new level of polish to your package on stage. It proves you can cross divisions...fingers still crossed on that one. And it proves you can look...extra naked. 

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