Monday, September 24, 2012

When Heroes Are Friends

by Kris Pitcher

Sometimes people say things to you that just stop you in your tracks. Your eyes dart back and forth...looking for someone who might be standing close to you. Was she talking to me?

Sure enough, she wasn't just talking to me - she was looking RIGHT at me and directly giving me a compliment. Stopped me in my cerebral tracks.

Not because I've never received a compliment. Not because it was the first time someone had told me they are an avid reader. That very evening I met a wonderful woman, who told me she loves my blog.

It stopped me because she's someone who I look up to. She's someone who has a remarkable physique and is an amazing competitor. She's a strong, confident woman. What's not to be considered a heroine in that?

So, when she said I was her hero...all I could say was, "Shut up!" Which wasn't very nice? I didn't literally mean "shut up". I meant, that's completely ironic because you're my hero!

When heroes are friends they can create a strong network of amazing women. They can support one another and celebrate each other's successes.

They don't have to be bitchy, envious, catty, or back-stabby...they can just be heroes. Take the opportunity to tell your hero why she's so amazing. Expand your network and support rather than sabotage one another.

So, thanks Susie...I think you're pretty amazing too - have for a long time. And I appreciate you stopping me in my cerebral tracks. I'm glad to know you're a reader. I'll keep putting my thoughts out here and organizing all that swirls in my head. *Smile.

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