Monday, December 23, 2013

Attraction, It's the Law

by Kris Pitcher

You know those positive people, always seeing their cup half full? They just have all the luck, right? I mean, everything just falls right into place for them.

Or does it? I believe very strongly you attract things into your life. The energy you put out into the universe, comes back to you. This is the law of attraction and it can work for, or against you. It's up to you.

What kind of energy are you putting out? What kind of messages are you sending, to yourself? Are you focused on what you can't do, or what you are capable of? Your perspective determines what comes into your life.

If you want success in life, any aspect of life, you must attract it to yourself. That begins with clarity on what it is you want, and what it is you don't want. What will you accept in your life, and what are you unwilling to tolerate?

Big questions. But attracting energy, success, into your life begins with you understanding what it is you want. Once you define exactly what that is, you begin to do the things necessary to achieve it. If you're the least bit unclear of your goals, you'll attract chaos.

So get clear. Write it out, cut out a picture, put up a calendar...what ever it takes to literally put it in front of yourself. Do it. I have a calendar on our refrigerator that has a contest picture of me from last season. It has contest dates, and I can SEE my path every single day.

Everything I choose begins to attract my goals into my life. I am manifesting them. I am surrounding myself with the right people, I'm centering my thoughts around them, I'm literally keeping them in front of me, and I'm making decisions which will draw me to them, and them to me.

It's a conscious process, a thoughtful and deliberate process. The law of attraction is not based on hope, or prayer. It's based on work, on focus, and on clarity. As the new year dawns, we have the perfect opportunity to find clarity about what it is we want to focus on.

We have the chance to make a fresh start, to turn the page on the new calendar, and to see our path forward. Put yours right in front of you. Look at it. Make choices around it. Draw it to you. Attraction, it's the law.

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