Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Managing the Holiday Frenzy

by Kris Pitcher

Tis the season for over commitment. It's a good time to reflect and remember you are in control of your calendar. As the holiday season gains momentum more of your time will be filled by mounting priorities.

It's important however to be clear in your own mind what you really need to do. What do you really need to spend, to buy, to do? How much decorating, baking, hosting is really necessary? What traditions are really crucial to you?

There are traditions we really want to maintain, and there are others no one seems to care about. Maybe those can go. The reality is we only have so much time, and maintaining our health and fitness goals over the holiday season is also important.

Controlling our stress levels is important, and that begins with managing our time. How many holiday parties, cookie exchanges, and office events do we need to go to. Some of them we have to be at, others not so much. There are only so many weekends in the month, and they are filling fast.

Looking at what is most important to you before the craze happens helps to control the frenzy of the season. Spend time with the people you really want to spend time with. Talk with people about spending money on gifts they don't need with money you don't have. Lots of times, that conversation is a relief to everyone.

But most importantly, take care of yourself over the holidays, don't let your own wellness slip by the wayside at the expense of everything you "have" to do this season. Make sure you get the nutrients you need, the sleep you require and are managing the stress in your life.

It's ok to do less, to say no, and to consume less. It's ok to continue to value your workouts, to eat your nutrition, and to drink less. No one will judge you (well, they might) at a holiday party if you're not drinking. Who cares if they do?! Take care of you this season.

Don't let it be a hectic one, let it be a peaceful one. Let it be a joyous one filled with the people you love and the things most important to you.

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