Friday, December 20, 2013

Weight Loss Goals, Just Go!

by Kris Pitcher

Our town built an epic new round-about. Watching its engineering was both frustrating and exciting. Not quite sure how it was going to turn out, when the (slightly overdone) traffic revision was completed...I was excited.

Now, a round-about works when everyone just moves into it, yielding as directed, going with the flow. I'm still waiting for the snow to really fly so I can practice my drift turns around this beauty.

There's always the driver who stops, literally stops, and signals their direction of travel. When I was behind said person the other day it made me think of all the people who will soon take on challenges for the New Year.

Many of those will be weight loss goals, or goals around eating differently. Let me give you some advice. You don't need to stop and "signal" your direction of travel to everyone. Just start moving in the only direction there is to go.

See, I've found the most excited people, who shout the loudest (signal) often are the quickest to lose direction. You want to make changes? Great! Just begin to move into traffic and make them. You've tried lots of things before, and frankly, people expect you to fail.

Don't tell them. Keep your indicator off. You don't need to signal. Just move - they'll figure it out. My point is, it's unnecessary to indicate all the changes you want to make to people who only sort of care. It's really just important to you and maybe your closest confidant.

Telling the person behind you in line, or your co-workers, or everyone on your social media friends list isn't necessary. You don't need to signal. Just go.

Signaling just puts the pressure on you. You don't need that. You need support from your closest people and that's it. Signalling puts some huge end-all out there. Simply begin. Just go.

You'll be more successful with less pressure, less fanfare, and fewer people around you watching for you to fail. Don't hesitate as you move into the round-about of what you want to change. Simply go forward and do it without signalling. Just. Go!

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