Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Take it Back

by Kris Pitcher

Life gets busy. Even my life full of balance and blah, blah, blah. When it does, I don't always find time for writing. Heck, I don't always find time to move the folded laundry off the coffee table. But then, who has a problem with getting dressed in the living room?

The thing is, writing centers me. Sure, I do it for you...but mostly it's for me. It helps me find my balance, express my creativity, gives me a platform to share what I think, and keeps things going in my brain where I store my "stuff".

It also helps me create a community of like people who are all trying to do similar things...or are at least struggling in similar ways. Which we all are. And what I was thinking most recently, is - where has my time gone?

It's a busy season full of too many pot-lucks, too many social obligations, and far too many errands buying gifts for people. We were out on one such trip and I simply told my husband if the gift didn't work, the recipient could take it back.

"Giving a gift that someone has to take back is giving them the gift of work." he said. I laughed at the simple truth to that. No one wants to return a gift. In a time when most of us have too much stuff, what we don't seem to have too much of is time.

Managing our time is an important factor in determining our success. So, while I'm getting my meals prepped, waking to the alarm at 4:30 am to do my cardio, and conserving most of my precious evenings to get my lifts in...somehow on the weekends I'm not finding time to write.

And I'm missing it. So, get ready for (and this is by no means a resolution), get ready for thought provoking blogs. Be ready to feel slightly uncomfortable. Smile when I tell you we need to sit down for a chat. Know I will tell it like it is. And finally, let's not ever have to make time to take anything back in life.

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