Friday, July 1, 2011

Get It Together

by Kris Pitcher

Many of us are looking forward to a long weekend! Those of us state side will be celebrating the Fourth of July with barbecues, camping trips and all the fun that goes along with them.

Your anxiety about those upcoming situations might be rising, and you may not even realize it's time to get your plan together! Hopefully, you've been treating yourself well as you've been heading into the weekend. This means doing your cardio, eating your plan, and drinking your water.

Summer days mean long gatherings of friends and family. If you're traveling, think about how you might work a walk into your day. While you might not be able to get your full workout in at the lake, you can certainly get out of the beach chair for a walk. A couple of these a day and you'll have kids trailing you on bikes, and friends and family wanting to join you.

Plan ahead for your meals as well. You can just as easily pack good choices in the cooler as questionable ones. Just because you're doesn't mean you have to eat garbage. Do the prep at home and store foods in zipper bags, and you'll be stir frying at camp gourmet style with very little mess to deal with. Think ahead.

Get your plan together so you can enjoy the long weekend and stay, somewhat, on track. Enjoy the celebration knowing you've got it together!


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