Friday, July 8, 2011

Your Sweat Arsenal

by Kris Pitcher

The art of freshening up after your mid-day workout, or even mini walk, during the summer requires a sweat arsenal. Having a few things on hand, and knowing a few fresh strategies will keep you from sitting in swamp water all afternoon.

What's in your must have kit?
If you've got shower facilities...well you're covered. But don't leave now, you might find a tip or two to speed up your routine. Most of us don't have access to shower facilities so a little preparation goes a long way.

Being prepared is the name of the game. Changing out of your work clothes is the first order of business. At least put on an over-sized t-shirt. Tight clothes don't breath. We want air to circulate and have a chance to dry the sweat from our bodies. Your tight tank looks cute, but I can see it's causing a puddle in your lower back is dry. Air. Flow.

A well placed head band will keep your hair back and the sweat from dripping down your face. A no go for your fashion sense? At least take a small towel to dab your temples as you begin to sweat. If you are outside, take advantage of shade and the breeze. Once you're back, grab your bag and head for the restroom.

In your bag you should have your work clothes to change back into. But before you do, a wet wipe goes a long way to freshening up. You should have a kit with a travel sized deodorant, wet wipes, pre-moistened facial cloths, and dry shampoo (they are popular again and easy to find). A fresh clean pair of undies will make the rest of your day feel much better, and sans that a pantyliner will keep things a little drier.

Wearing less makeup in the summer is a nice thing if you are comfortable with it. A cool wash in the sink with your pre-moistened facial cleaning cloth followed by a quick swipe of tinted moisturizer and some lip gloss and nobody will know the difference.

You can make yourself a hair spritz by mixing 2/3 water, 1/3 rubbing alcohol in a spritz bottle with 5-10 drops of an essential oil of your choice. A few sprays and a comb, or a swipe with your fingers and your hair will make it through the afternoon. It will smell prettier than sweat too.

For me the key is to get my shoes and socks off quick and get myself cooling down. Honestly, I've found with my sweat arsenal I can freshen up just fine and nobody is the wiser about my mid-day exercise! And I can check it off my list!

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